Mirror, Mirror

­I glare into the mirror. The reflection is delayed. Eventually, colours and shapes apathetically reflect back. At first glance, this embodiment is not recognisable as anything crafted by humans. But as these colours and shapes fall into focus, I see myself. My identity…

Beside me, you are staring at this same mirror. Wisps of colours and incomplete shapes formulate. I mistake these figments as mine, but as my eyes involuntary blink, I see these fragments in a stark new light. They prance around the perimeter of the mirror and vehemently cast my mine aside. They swirl, naked, around the surface, obscuring mine from view.

As you outstretch your hand, the mirror cacophonously shatters. The colours fade. The shapes disintegrate. And all that’s left is a million worthless pieces of transparent glass.

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Candace James said...

how the heck are you so amazing?! i mean my goodness.

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