The Last Man Alive

I am the last man alive
I watched as death teetered by your side
I saw the final glint in your eye
A flash a white, that was all
Death does not lie
And so I had to imagine what it was like
Our final, felicitous goodbye

I am the last man alive
I find solitude knowing this is true
There is no government, or conformity
And all that other hullabaloo
I write in comfort
Without the overshadowing thoughts about you
I can say and do whatever I please
I can start a life anew

I am the last man alive
From your death comes my rebirth
A new mind and a new body (I haven’t shaved since last week)
Located on a brand new Earth
Without content, making me content
While physically there is a dearth
An exchange for your company would be insane
I don’t need anybody, I’ve found my worth

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Candace James said...

oh my gosh. just. wow. tell me exactly why you aren't a famous writer?!

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