Summer Holidays

Over the New Year week of 2010-2011 our family + some others on a camping trip to Jindabyne in the 'alpine' region of Australia. Camping is forever one of my favourite times of the year. A time where absolutely anything goes . There's not much to do, but at the same time there's everything to do. Nature's at your doorstep - that's the beauty of camping.

This photo is one of the only digital photos I captured during the week. I purchased a second-hand Canon AE-1 Program from a local film shop the week before. I originally saw it in the window as I was getting my passport photo for a brief exchange trip to Japan (which the plans fell through) and it captured my eye. However many of these photos are taken with Voigtländer Vito CLR and Kodak expired film.

This man-made lake was the highest it has been in about 20 years. It was a strange feeling seeing this lake, which was almost empty the year before, filled to the brim. A lot changes in a year.

The weather down here was as unpredictable as ever. Thankfully for the most part it was extremely plesant and blue skies seemed to dominate the horizon. But on New Years Day  the weather turned freezing - at least for this time of year! I don't know why I packed my gloves, but oddly enough they came in handy.

When the nature is this beautiful, long car trips don't seem like they normally do. I was content looking out the window for hours on end, watching the dramatic cityscape transform into a bucolic beauty. This photo was taken by using my Mum's sunglasses she bought at a market as a filter through the tinted windows. They produced some unreal colours.

In just a few months this will all be white. When this happens I will be returning, camera in hand and with dozens of rolls of film to make up for all the snowless winters that have gone by.

In 2003 this alpine area was ravaged with ravaged with a sevre bushfire. It's surreal driving past it today, seeing thousands upon thousands of lifeless stems of wood jotted among the mountainside.

This photo was taken on a walk known as Dead Horse Gap. Fortunately we didn't see any dead horses, however unfortunately we didn't see any alive ones either. Although rumour has it, they wander around this area from time to time.

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